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Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) Vadda Grewal Mp3 Song

Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) Vadda Grewal
Hathyar 2 (ft HRC).mp3
Vocalist: Vadda Grewal,
Released: 30-11--0001
Downloads: 39.48 k
Last update. 7 months ago
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Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) by Vadda Grewal hd video dowbload

, Special thanxx to Babbu Yaar Anmulle HRC n lil dakku my page, Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) Original 320kbps mp3, Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) SongsWe 2019, Vadda Grewal.
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LYRICS: Hathyar 2 (ft HRC)
Hathyar 2 Vadda Grewal, ft HRC Mp3 Download
dabb vich fasaya tu dikhaunda ae bada
kadd kadd fire jehe daraunda ae bada
nava nava pair tu badmashi vich dhareya
pata ni main kinne latta thalo kadd te
jehre hathiyara di tu gal krda
jatt ne oh khed k khidaune chadd te
jehre hathiyaran di tu gal krda
jatt ne oh khed k khidaune chad te..
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About: New Punjabi Singles song "Hathyar 2 (ft HRC)" out now. You can download Hathyar 2 (ft HRC) song from all digital stores with is released on 30 November -0001 (Monday). The lyrics of this song is by , music composer is , produced by "" & Sung by Vadda Grewal in his breathtaking voice.